400,000 troops needed to pacify
Afghanistan: Mc Neill

Associated Press of Pakistan

June 4, 2008


ISLAMABAD (APP) -- In an interview to Spiegel, a German magazine, the outgoing ISAF Commander Mc Neill confessed having inadequate trained force to effectively counter insurgency in Afghanistan.

NATO has only 47,000 soldiers instead of a required strength of 400,000 with a shortfall of 260,000 men.

NATO is practically running on reserve, as very few units can be used in combat situation.

While neighboring countries want peace in the region, manning a volatile country with only 47,000 NATO troops and practically no well trained Afghan Army, the mission to bring peace to the region seems an uphill task.

Recently U.S. Government has been criticized for lack of wholesome approach and long-term policy for the region, along with U.S. media blaming
Pakistan peace talks with militants to be responsible for increased violence in Afghanistan.

ISAF Commander with all his experience in the region, admitting huge gap of trained men required to stabilize Afghanistan and counter terrorism in the region, a wholesome strategy to meet the demands for more trained troops is vital for any counterterrorism approach to work, for it may as well be the most significant reason of failing GWOT policy in the region, say security experts.