Remember, Bush threatened
nuclear genocide against

Cyrus Safdari

Iran Affairs

May 22, 2008


Today is the 2nd anniversary of when White House spokesman Tony Snow confirmed President Bush's threat that committing genocide by nuking Iran was an "option on the table" -- thus violating international law that prohibits threats of aggression with nuclear weapons, as well as committing a war crime under Nuremberg Charter Principle 6(a) and other US laws (Yes more war crimes in addition to the others) :

The president's actual threat of nuclear attack was made by President Bush in the Rose Garden on April 18, 2006, one day after Seymour Hersh wrote about the use of nuclear weapons against Iran in an article in The New Yorker. Here was the exchange:


Q. Sir, when you talk about Iran, and you talk about how you have diplomatic efforts, you also say all options are on the table. Does that include the possibility of a nuclear strike? Is that something that your administration will plan for?

A. THE PRESIDENT: All options are on the table . . .

According to the September/October 2006 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist,

"The president of the United States directly threatened Iran with a preemptive [?] nuclear strike. It is hard to read his reply in any other way."

And before you whine and moan that it wasn't really a threat, ask yourself what your reaction would have been had Ahmadinejad said that nuking the US was an "option on the table".