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Fusion Center Overview





124 Acton Street, 2d Floor
Maynard, MA 01754

Phone: 978-451-3700      Fax: 978-451-3707
Terrorism Tip Line: 1-888-USA-5458 (1-888-872-5458)


“A Fusion Center is defined as a collaborative effort of two or more agencies who provide resources, expertise and /or information to the center with the goal of maximizing the ability to detect, prevent, apprehend and respond to criminal and terrorist activity.”

-Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative

Homeland security intelligence/information fusion is the…process of managing the flow of information…to support the rapid identification of emerging terrorism-related threats…requiring intervention by government and private-sector authorities”.

-Homeland Security Intelligence and Information Fusion, DHS

“Intelligence-led Policing is the collection and analysis of information to produce an intelligence end product designed to inform police decision making at both the tactical and strategic levels.”

-National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan



The Commonwealth Fusion Center collects and analyzes information from all available sources to produce and disseminate actionable intelligence to stakeholders for strategic and tactical decision-making in order to disrupt domestic and international terrorism.


·        Work in partnership with local, state, regional and federal public safety agencies

·        Implement a secure, comprehensive mechanism for the timely exchange of information

·        Provide accurate and timely intelligence products

·        Provide direct analytical support for investigations involving precursor criminal activity

·        Promote awareness of priority intelligence requirements and of indicators of threats to the Commonwealth


Central Repository of Information and Analysis

The Fusion Center works with federal, state, regional and local law enforcement, as well as the public and private sector as the state repository for homeland security information and incident reporting.  It serves as a point of contact for local entities seeking to receive information from federal agencies.  It collects and analyzes information to produce and disseminate actionable intelligence to support decision makers and operational personnel.


Specialized Training and Research

Intelligence analysts in the Fusion Center are assigned accounts which focus on terrorism and organized criminal activity.  Each analyst develops contacts in their area of responsibility, and is responsible for awareness in their subject areas, focusing on threats to the Commonwealth.


Intelligence Products

The Fusion Center produces the following intelligence products as needed for Fusion Center stakeholders:

·         Bulletins:  reports for immediate distribution, such as officer safety alerts, high profile incident reports;

·         Intelligence and Informational Briefings:  oral or written products using all sources available to analysts on an incident or topic to inform stakeholders;

·         Strategic Assessments:  strategic overviews of criminal or terrorist threats to the public, public safety entities, or owners/operators of critical infrastructure assets.

Every effort is made to share relevant unclassified information and intelligence with public and private partners.

The Fusion Center aspires to the principles and recommendations set forth in the National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan and Fusion Center Guidelines, working to share information with local, state, regional and federal law enforcement as well as partners in the private sector.  The Fusion Center works toward producing timely and relevant intelligence to safeguard the Commonwealth and its citizens.


Secure Information Sharing Environment

A secure web site has been provided to the Commonwealth by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).   The Homeland Security Information Network-Massachusetts (HSIN-MA) is for information sharing among stakeholders in the Fusion Center in law enforcement, public safety and critical infrastructure sectors.  A document library, discussion threads, a training calendar and a secure chat capability is available to all users with access to HSIN-MA.  The CFC makes every effort to post appropriate documents produced by federal agencies including DHS and the FBI; authorized users are invited to post their own products of use to other agencies as well as requests for information and “for your information”, or FYIs.  Users of HSIN-MA are part of an email distribution list.


Alerting Network

The Homeland and Health Alerting Network (HHAN) will be available in the fall of 2006 for those interested in receiving CFC situational awareness alerts.   Information on the progress of the updated HHAN will be posted on HSIN-MA as it becomes available.


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