NAM behind Iran on
nuclear question


CASMII and Press TV


June 4, 2008



The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) has prepared its final statement on Tehran's peaceful nuclear program at the International Atomic Energy Agency.


NAM member states approved Iran's nuclear program at a summit last week in Vienna, according to IRNA.


NAM membership is currently at 119, well over than half the world’s countries. Fifteen more nations have observer status.


“The statement signed by all members, highlighted Iran's peaceful nuclear program and backed up Tehran's cooperation with the IAEA,” Iran's representative at the UN nuclear agency Ali-Asghar Soltaniyeh, told IRNA in Vienna on the sideline of the IAEA meeting.


The statement reiterated that Iran's nuclear issue should be settled within the IAEA charter, and that Iran's nuclear dossier should immediately go back on track, Soltaniyeh said.


The NAM statement indicates that Iran has rallied support by NAM members represented by more than one hundred counties worldwide, Iran's senior nuclear negotiator said.


Cuba, a key member of the Non-Aligned Movement, is scheduled to read out the statement at the upcoming IAEA Board of Governors meeting.