Smedley Darlington Butler


---Biographical Information--->


        Born: West Chester, Pa., July 30, 1881

        Educated: Haverford School

        Married: Ethel C. Peters, of Philadelphia, June 30, 1905

        Awarded two Congressional Medals of Honor

  • For the capture of Vera Cruz, Mexico, 1914

  • For the capture of Ft. Riviere, Haiti, 1917

  •         Received Distinguished Service Medal, 1919

            Major General - United States Marine Corps

            Retired from Active Duty in Marine Corps, Oct. 1, 1931

            On leave of absence to act as director of Dept. of Safety,

    Philadelphia, 1932

            Lecturer -- 1930's

            Republican Candidate for Senate, 1932

            Died at Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, June 21, 1940

            For more information about Major General Butler,

    contact the United States Marine Corps.


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