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FACT: 33% of men and women join the military to help fund their education.


The promise of the GI Bill directly contradicts the reality; most veterans do not receive any money for college. The Army claims that the G.I. Bill offers up to $50,000 for college. In reality, 57% receive none of this money and 23% receive only half of the offered amount. One must also be honorably discharged, which 25% of veterans are not. Veterans have never been treated as promised.



FACT: 34% of men and 31% of women join for job training.


The military is not a job trainings program...

The goal of the military is to fight and win wars

-Dick Cheney, Vice President



FACT: Since the draft was ended in the 1970s the military has found a new way to fill its ranks. University tuitions have risen and the lack of available jobs that earn a livable wage for those without a college degree has grown more difficult; the Pentagon sees this as an opportunity for recruitment.


FACT: One in four homeless men is a veteran. Every night almost 300,000 veterans go homeless.


The military has been exploiting the economic realities of the nation. The Pentagon spends more than $3 billion a year targeting high-achieving low-income youth with commercials, personal visits and brochures.



Once in, a recruit cannot blame a recruiter for false promises made.


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The No Child Left Behind Act and increased proliferation of the JROTC, combined with the public relations needs for an unjust war in Iraq, have resulted in a huge increase in military presence within our nations schools. And now there is a serious discussion about possibly reintroducing the draft! As each day goes by and opposition to the Iraq war grows greater, more forceful tactics and outright lies will be used to recruit the hearts, minds and bodies of our youth. It is time to stand in the way of this harvesting of human beings.



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