Do military recruiters really lie?

Ask Cindy Sheehan

"Recruiters lie to our young people; they lied to my son [Casey]. They said -- in writing -- that he could be a chaplain's assistant, but once he joined they said he had to choose between being a Humvee mechanic or a cook. They promised he would get a $20,000 bonus, but he only got $4,000. They told him the rest would go towards his future education, but he isn't going to have any future education. They said he would be able to take classes, but after he joined they always came up with excuses why he couldn't. They told him he would get a laptop computer and he never did. And, most insidiously, they told my son that he would never see combat since he scored so high on the ASVAB [military competency test]. He was in Iraq for only two weeks before he was killed in combat."
-- Cindy Sheehan, mother of Casey Austin Sheehan and co-founder of Gold Star Families for Peace

Want proof?

(1) “By federal law you got an appointment with me at two o’clock this afternoon at Greenpoint Mall. Okay? You fail to appear and we’ll have a warrant. Okay? So give me a call back.”
-- Said by Army recruiter Thomas Kelt to 20-year-old Chris Monarch of Houston. The recruiter left this lie on a phone answering machine. You can hear the recruiter’s lie, and see him being questioned by a news-person about it, by going to and clicking on “caught on tape.” [The recruiter later told Chris Monarch he was using a “standard marketing technique.”]

(2) “You have more chance of dying here in the United States at, what is it, 36-percent die, kill rate here in the United States, people here just dying left and right, you have more chance of dying over here than you do over there [in Iraq]."
-- Said to a high school student with a hidden camera and microphone during an investigation of recruiters’ conduct by Cincinnati’s TV Channel 5. You can see and hear the TV report by going to and clicking on “Video: Watch Dave Wagner’s Report”]

Decide for yourself

Do a Google search on “military recruiters lie” (include the quotation marks). Plan for plenty of time to investigate several of the thousand-plus links the Google search will provide.

Knowing that recruiters lie may save the life of a member of your family!