Iran's May 13 Proposal to the UN
For 'Constructive Negotiations'


here for Iran’s two-page cover letter which
accompanied the two and one-half page proposal

here for Iran’s two and one-half page
proposal for “Constructive Negotiations”


On May, 13, 2008, Iran delivered a letter to UN officials accompanied by an offer for "constructive negotiations." According to nonproliferation expert Jacqueline Shire of the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), Iranian diplomats delivered the letter and offer to the UN director general and the UK Permanent Representative, and requested that it be shared with other UN Security Council permanent members and Germany. ISIS writes:

ISIS has obtained a copy of Iran's May 13 letter to the UN Secretary General and accompanying document titled "The Islamic Republic of Iran's Proposed Package for Constructive Negotiations."

The unofficial translation of the document, included below, numbers slightly over two pages and offers "wide-ranging and comprehensive negotiations" over three issue areas: political and security, economic and nuclear.


The nuclear section does not include an offer to suspend enrichment, but does highlight the possibility of "improved supervision by the IAEA" and the establishment of "enrichment and nuclear fuel production consortiums in different parts of the world, including Iran."


European Union foreign policy advisor Javier Solana is expected to travel to Tehran shortly to provide Iran with a set of enhanced incentives for suspending its uranium enrichment program. The EU's earlier offer, from June 2006, is contained in an appendix to UN Security Council Resolution 1747 (2007) and can be found here.


ISIS understands that Iran does not intend this document to constitute a rejection or pre-emption of the forthcoming proposal carried by Solana, but as the basis for continuing negotiations.





Two-page cover letter accompanying the Iranian
offer of 'constructive Negotiations'



Unofficial Translation
13 May 2008



As I informed you in my previous communications, the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a responsible Member State of the United Nations Organization, and based on its international rights and obligations, has always emphasized on the importance of multilateralism. Unfortunately, a few countries, with political motivations and objectives, have raised some ambiguities over Iran's exclusively peaceful nuclear program and have used the UN Organs as a tool, thus undermining the integrity and credibility of the United Nations.

Whereas the International Atomic Enemy Agency (IAEA) has, time and again, confirmed the non-diversion of Iran's nuclear program, and based on the agreed work plan between Iran and the Agency the remaining issues are completely resolved, and while the nuclear program of the Islamic Republic of Iran and all nuclear activities of our country are currently under the full-scope Safeguards of the IAEA, the UN Security Council has persisted on its illegal measures.

I have already brought to Your Excellency's attention, in details, my Government's arguments and reasoning regarding the unlawfulness of the intervention of the UN Security Council in Iran's peaceful nuclear program. Indeed, the Islamic Republic of Iran still maintains that constructive interaction and reasonable and just negotiations, without preconditions and based on mutual respect, is the basic solution for the promotion and improvement of international situations and circumstances. On the same basis, the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to negotiate with the 5+1 Group within a specific framework on issues of mutual interest. The Islamic Republic of Iran is of the view that resorting to the two-track approaches that comprise intimidation arid negotiation not only will not help resolving issues but will indeed further complicate the situation.

The Iranian nation is a peace-loving nation that has spared no efforts to contribute to global peace and stability. Iran's capabilities and power can contribute to the regional and international peace and stability. The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that sustainable regional and international peace and stability, economic relations, free trade, energy security, combating terrorism and narcotic drugs, as well as peaceful uses of nuclear energy provide appropriate common grounds for long-term and sustainable cooperation.

Given the present circumstances at the regional and international levels, the Islamic Republic of Iran considers the introduction of a new and comprehensive initiative, aimed at achieving sustainable and constructive interaction, as an imperative. On its part, the Islamic Republic of Iran, following thorough and proficient studies and considerations, has carefully prepared a package containing important initiatives and proposals in different political, security, economic and nuclear fields, to be submitted to countries of the 5+1 Group. This package has been prepared as a basis for comprehensive and thorough negotiations with the said countries based on collective commitments as well as justice, sovereignty and mutual respect. We are of the firm belief that the present package will provide an exceptional opportunity for real and serious cooperation among the concerned parties.

I would like to emphasize on this important point that the principled approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran towards this package is that of a strategic one. Therefore, I hope that the concerned parties would acknowledge the importance of the proposed package and its substance, as a comprehensive solution to the regional and global problems and challenges. The package can be a basis for long-term cooperation. I hope the concerned parties would welcome it and would deal with it constructively.

Manuchehr Mottaki
Minister of Foreign Affairs
of the Islamic Republic of Iran

H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General

United Nations

New York


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Iran’s Two and one-half page proposal
for 'Constructive Negotiations'



May 13, 2008

Unofficial Translation

The Islamic Republic of Iran's Proposed
Package for Constructive Negotiations

Stressing on the respect for the principles of justice, abidance by law, recognition of the rights of nations, respect for the sovereignty of states, reinforcement of regional and international peace, abstaining from monopolistic actions and threats, respect for
democracy, human values and cultures of different nations; and rejecting the injustice and lawless behaviors towards the rights of nations;

The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that there is an extensive range of issues such as security issues, regional and international developments, nuclear energy, terrorism, democracy, etc. that provide a substantive potential for cooperation.

To the above are added other fields that include drug control, environmental conservation, and economic, technological, commercial - especially energy – cooperation, that provide other excellent possibilities and avenues for constructive cooperation.

Therefore, in view of the developments that have unfolded internationally and across the region, there is a need for a new and a more advanced plan for interaction. In this new round of negotiations, the main objective of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to reach a comprehensive agreement, one that is based on collective goodwill - that will help to establish long-term cooperation between the parties, and will contribute to the sustainability and strength of regional and international security and a just peace.

We also believe that in its later stages, the negotiations have the capacity to invite other capable and interested states to join it and explore the possibility of cooperation within parameters or the package. The main outcome of this new round of negotiations would be an agreement on "collective commitments" to cooperate on economic, political, regional, international, nuclear and energy security issues.

Therefore, we are willing to start wide-ranging and comprehensive negotiations on the following issues:

A- Political and Security Issues:

1      - One of the most important concerns of humanity is the need to protect the rights and dignity of human being and respect for the culture of other nations. A dialogue, for the appropriate realization of this, is necessary.

2      - Talks on bolstering a just peace and advancement of democracy in the region and around the world. The talks will be based on:

On the above basis, the Islamic Republic of Iran is willing to enter into talks on cooperation to strengthen a just peace and bolster the stability and the advancement of democracy in regions that suffer from instability, militarism, violence and terrorism. Such cooperation can take place in different parts of the world- more specifically in the Middle East, the Balkans, Africa, and Latin America. Cooperation to assist the Palestinian people to find a comprehensive plan - one that is sustainable, democratic and fair - to resolve the 60-year old Palestinian issue can become a symbol of such collaboration.

3 - Fighting, common security threats, and talks and collective collaborations on combating the factors which contribute to and create security threats, including:


B-  Economic Issues:

1 - Cooperation on the provision of energy and its security - in the fields of production, provision, transportation and consumption,

2 - Cooperation on trade and investment.

3 - A common effort to help fight poverty in less developed countries and to reduce the divide between social classes.

4 - Reducing the impact of sharp price fluctuations and retooling global monetary and financial arrangements to benefit the nations of the world.


C-  The Nuclear Issue:

With regard to the nuclear issue, Iran is ready - in a comprehensive manner, and as an active and influential member of the NPT and the IAEA - to consider the following issues:

1 - Obtaining a further assurance about the non-diversion of the nuclear activities of different countries.

2 - Establishing enrichment and nuclear fuel production consortiums in different parts of the world - including in Iran.

3      - Cooperation to access and utilize peaceful nuclear technology and facilitating its usage by all states.

4 - Nuclear disarmament and establishment of a follow up committee,

5 - Improved supervision by the IAEA over the nuclear activities of different states.

6 - Joint collaboration over nuclear safety and physical protection.

7 - An effort to encourage other states to control the export of nuclear material and equipment.



D - Within the parameters of this package, the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to start serious and targeted negotiations to produce a tangible result, 'File negotiations can be evaluated after a specific period of time (a maximum of 6 months) to decide about its continuation.



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