Iran "heightens tension" in Mideast
with rocket tests ...really?

Cyrus Safdari

Iran Affairs
July 09, 2008

According to official US sources, those terrible nasty Iranians have "heightened tensions" in the Mideast by test-launching some rockets.

I guess the whole invading Iraq on false pretenses, moving aircraft carriers into the Persian Gulf, conducing war games and practice bombing campaignspraying and lobbying and agitating for attacks, holding White House meetings with war-promotersembracing and promoting  apocalyse-spewing  Holocaust-justifying hatemongers, calling for naval blockades, aiding terrorist groups, pandering to warmongers, threatening to "obliterate" Iran, drawing up plans to nuke Iran,  openly threatening to nuke Iran, and officially announcing a military policy to nuke Iran on a first-strike basis -- all of that somehow doesn't count as "heightening tensions". No, not at all.