Ten Facts about Kosovo you're NOT hearing from the media

(Found on the Internet on December 4, 2002)


1. Kosovo has been a part of Serbia for hundreds of years. The conflict between the Serbians and the Kosovar Albanians is a civil war, not a "war of aggression".

2. Serbians consider Kosovo the "cradle" both of their homeland and of their religion, and are no more likely to give it up than Israel is likely to give up Jerusalem.

3. The ethnic Albanian KLA ("Kosovo Liberation Army") was on the U.S. State Department's list of "terrorist groups" until last year, when lobbying and politics took them off the list.

4. The KLA has waged a bloody campaign of terror against Serb civilians, authorities, and policemen, and is using the NATO attacks as "cover" to continue that war.

5. The Albanians fought with the Nazis in World War II, and enthusiastically formed Nazi "SS" units to brutally slaughter hundreds of thousands of Serbians.

6. The Serbians did not "refuse to negotiate" at the peace talks, they refused to give in to the KLA's demands for the control of Kosovo. When Serbia refused these demands, the KLA simply signed the document it brought with them and called it an "agreement".

7. The Serbians want a peace agreement that recognizes the rights of both Albanians and Serbians and gives Kosovo full autonomy as a region within Serbia, not an agreement that sets up a "nation of Kosovo", run by the KLA terrorist group.

8. Many times in the past, Kosovo has often been "cleansed" of Serbians. Even in the last 50 years, the number of Albanians in Kosovo has quadrupled, and the number of Serbians has been cut in half.

9. Serbian Christians have been persecuted and killed by Albanian Muslims in Kosovo.

10. The Serbians and the Russians are traditional allies. The Russians will not stand by while Serbia is destroyed by NATO. Our interference in the KLA/Serbian civil war has the risk of starting a dangerous "proxy war" in Europe between several nuclear-armed powers.