Links to some very important
Selective Service System forms


Form 8  Used under the SSSís newer mobilization plan known as RIPS (Registrant Information Processing System). This Form would be used to indicate to SSS all the kinds of claims you wish to make for reclassification.


Form 9 Used under the SSSís emergency mobilization plan known as RIMS (Registrant Information and Management System). This Form would be used to indicate to SSS all the kinds of claims you wish to make for either postponements of induction or changes in classification.


Form 22 [Sample Form 22 in Adobe Acrobat format] Used under both draft plans (RIMS and RIPS) to document your claim for Conscientious Objector status. The SSS will send you Form 22 if you indicate on either Form 8 (RIPS) or Form 9 (RIMS) that you wish to claim CO status. The Form contains three important questions that you should learn about and prepare to answer well before you are of draft age (age 19).


Questions on CO Questionnaire

Take time now to carefully think out and write down answers to the following three questions, copied from the Selective Service Systemís Form 22, which are the most important features of the Form. This way you will be fully prepared to dispatch Form 22 in the nine-day time frame when you receive it.


Part II

Prepare and attach written responses to the information requested below.  If you wish, you may attach letters from persons who know you and are familiar with your beliefs.  You may also attach any other pertinent information you would like the Local Board to consider.

1. Describe your beliefs which are the reasons for you claiming conscientious objection to combatant military training and service or to all military training and service.

2. Describe how and when you acquired these beliefs.  Your answer may include such information as the influence of family members or other persons; training, if applicable; your personal experiences; membership in organizations; books and readings which influenced you.

3. Explain what most clearly shows that your beliefs are deeply held.  You may wish to include a description of how your beliefs affect the way you live.